Family says they found 74-year-old bleeding in stairwell hours after management 'swept the building'

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Family finds 74-year-old found bleeding in stairwell, daughter says
Family finds 74-year-old man covered in blood hours after apartment management claimed to search W Leo Daniels Tower on Harrell Street, daughter says.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An older man is fighting for his life Tuesday night after family members found him seriously injured in the stairwell of his apartment complex.

The 74-year-old, Louis Redmon, lives at the Leo Daniels Tower on Harrell Street in northeast Houston.

Family members told ABC13 that they got a call from another resident on Monday morning saying Redmon was in some sort of medical distress.

Redmon's daughter Monique Gordon and granddaughter Brande Reed quickly arrived at the mid-rise building.

"I called him numerous times, (and) no answer," Gordon said, adding that she spoke to apartment management.

Gordon said apartment managers assured them they would "sweep" the building to look for Redmon. At that point, Gordon and other family members began checking stores and nearby locations where Redmon sometimes hung out.

At about 5 p.m., family members returned to the complex and decided to "sweep the building themselves."

Reed said she found her grandfather on the fifth-floor stairwell.

"We found him on the fifth floor full of blood, with his brains badgered out," Reed said. "Now, what happened? Did you sweep the building or not? Where is the surveillance (video)?"

Reed showed ABC13 very disturbing pictures of Redmon in a very bloody stairwell.

"He's sitting there gargling in blood," Reed continued, adding the family is now furious.

"He was missing since nine in the morning. What's your protocol for dealing with elderly people? We're talking about elderly people," Gordon said, her voice rising in anger.

Management in the building wouldn't let ABC13 on the premises to ask questions, but family members now demand answers.

Redmon was taken to Ben Taub Hospital via ambulance. The Houston Police Department was called to the hospital to file a report.

HPD said officers are investigating the case as an assault. Family members said they don't know what happened and wish he had been found sooner to get medical treatment hours earlier.

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