Shadow Creek championship: A Special Butler Family Moment

ARLINGTON, Texas -- After the final pass had fallen to the turf, the medals draped around their necks and the trophies awarded; standing in the end zone of AT&T Stadium was the Butler family.

Brad Butler had just led his program to its first-ever state championship. As he finished with interviews he walked to the end zone, the trophy resting in his left hand, to greet his mother, Jo.

The two embraced. A tear could be seen rolling down Jo's cheek as they hugged and shared a moment.

"She goes 'Your daddy knocked that ball out at the end'," Brad said with a chuckle about what they said. "'I said he may very well may have mom."

Last year, Brad's father Tom didn't get to make the trip to AT&T Stadium for Shadow Creek's inaugural to the title game. The family had just found out he was battling cancer and he couldn't make the trip.

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