How a flute player is 1 of the best softball pitchers in Texas

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Thursday, February 13, 2020
Fort Bend Christian Academy's Savannah Geurin named one of Texas' best softball pitchers
She says she's a little shy, but Ft. Bend Christian Academy's hurler makes the loudest noise on the field.

SUGAR LAND, Texas -- Softball pitchers are usually loud, fiery and boisterous. They are the heartbeat of their team.

At 6 feet tall, Fort Bend Christian Academy's lefty pitcher Savannah "SJ" Geurin is the quiet type. She's super sweet. Heck, she plays the flute in the band.

"I'm a quiet leader," she said. "Being easy-going helps me keep my cool no matter what happens during a game. Playing the flute is also so relaxing. It's not intense and it helps me take a break from everything around me."

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