Roger Hagan, a Mustang who never stopped working

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Sunday, December 29, 2019
North Shore wins 2nd straight title in convincing fashion
Did the North Shore Mustangs need another Hail Mary to win state? Even with a key player out, the school is on top again.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Since he was roaming the middle school playing fields, Roger Hagan has always worked "his tail off" at playing quarterback despite always playing the back-up role.

In the seventh and eighth grade, Hagan was the "B" team quarterback. Once in high school, Hagan has continued to grow and for the past two years has competed with Dematrius Davis for reps.

Even though Hagan's name has been second on the depth chart since his middle school days, the senior never stopped working.

"You look at him in the weight room and it hit us one day, all of a sudden you look at a kid that looks like a grown man," North Shore coach Jon Kay said. "Just because of what he's been taught, just nothing but work."

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