How to avoid getting sick on your summer vacation

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Friday, May 19, 2023
3 ways to avoid getting sick on your summer vacation
We all know that washing our hands regularly prevents the spread of germs. But, what are some not-so-obvious tips to avoid getting sick while on vacation? We have three.

You're planning that summer vacation, and like millions of other Americans, you don't want to get sick. So, how do you avoid that?

We should all know that washing our hands regularly is about the most effective thing to do to prevent the spread of germs and related illnesses. You should also carry hand sanitizer or wipes when it's not possible to wash your hands with soap.

But, what are some not-so-obvious tips?

  • Don't drink tap water on your international trip. The CDC says in almost every middle- and low-income country, and cities, the chances are you should not drink tap water. That includes fountain drinks, which are just soda syrup and tap water, and ice, which is frozen tap water. You should watch out for lettuce and other foods washed in tap water. Instead, use bottled water or buy a filtered water bottle.
  • Prevent and treat motion and sea sickness on your cruise or other boat trips. You should consider strong prescription pills or patches for nausea before you leave town. You can also buy over-the-counter medication like Dramamine, including less drowsy versions. On a ship, choose a cabin in the middle of the ship for less movement. Even better, one with a window. If that's not possible, just make sure to get on the deck and look at the horizon often. That will help with your motion sickness.

"More of what's considered complementary or alternative treatments, and one of them is acupressure bands. It's thought that they do help with sea sickness," Dr. Bendedict Ifedi with Memorial Hermann Medical Group said. "It goes over what's called the p-6 acupressure point on both your wrists, and that can help with sea sickness. You can get it over the counter."

Dr. Ifedi said ginger candies can also help with nausea.

  • Don't forget to exercise and get plenty of sleep on the trip. Why? Exercise boosts your immune health immediately. Good sleep supports good immune health. In other words, not exercising and not sleeping increases your chances of getting sick.