Pearland kindergartners on Monday's eclipse: 'It looks like a banana'

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Monday, April 8, 2024
Pearland kindergartners compare Monday's eclipse to 'a banana'
ABC13's Chaz Miller spent the day with a group of Pearland kindergartners who had this to say after witnessing the celestial event.

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Students in Mrs. Alexx Malone's kindergarten class at Silverlake Elementary in Pearland have spent the last few days getting prepared for Monday afternoon's total solar eclipse.

They've read books, done coloring sheets, and even made custom holders for their glasses out of paper plates.

So what did they think of it now that it has come and gone?

"My favorite part of it was how pretty and cool it looked," Grayson said.

One student got creative when asked what she thought about the experience.

"It was so cool," Caira said. "It looks like a banana, though."

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Back in Houston, a couple school districts canceled classes for the big day. Fort Bend ISD still has class, but said recess and P.E. will be indoors to protect students' eyes.

Their teacher was glad the clouds broke long enough for the students to get some good looks at the eclipse.

"I'm so happy the clouds moved for us," Malone said. "It was good."

This group of students will all be in their mid-20s the next time a total solar eclipse is visible in the United States.

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