Family of 3-year-old girl bitten by dog in Spring says owner could've changed this

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Family of girl bitten by dog says owner could've changed this
It's been a month since the 3-year-old was attacked. Since then, the dog was euthanized and the owner is jailed. But the family of the young victim says their daughter is not the same.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Jennifer Romano, the owner whose dog attacked a 3-year-old girl earlier this month and left her with severe injuries to her face, has been booked into jail and charged in connection with the incident.

The family of the little girl said despite the new development, life is not the same and playtime for their young daughter is not the same.

"We have to live with it every single day. We see the night terrors. We see Ronin struggle with just her regular play," said Ronin Waldroup's mother, Cleveratta Waldroup.

The family of a girl attacked by a dog says their daughter is not the same. The dog has since been euthanized, and the owner is jailed.

On Jan. 9, the dog bit 3-year-old Ronin at the Loose Caboose restaurant in Old Town Spring. As the little girl entered the restaurant, the dog, who was seen wearing a service vest, bit her face, family members said.

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In a surveillance video of the attack obtained by ABC13, Romano and the dog are seen walking down the sidewalk with the girl's father, James Waldroup, walking not far behind her. The video does not include audio, but body language indicates an exchange between the two.

Romano then got in a car with a man and left.

Multiple witnesses at the scene who spoke with authorities confirmed the description of the dog involved and stated the incident was unprovoked.

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According to court documents, authorities were able to get in touch with the man who fled with Romano from the scene. The man reportedly asked about the condition of the 3-year-old victim and identified Romano as the owner. He added that Romano fled the scene because she wanted to protect her dog, Kingston. He also stated that Romano told him if she couldn't have the dog, she would kill herself and went on to blame the incident on the 3-year-old.

Court documents read Romano was contacted by a Montgomery County Animal Control officer on Jan. 13 about contacting their office. After multiple notices, officers arrived at Romano's apartment on Jan. 14, and despite being home, Romano reportedly refused to answer the door.

Days after the incident, the dog was taken into custody by authorities and was held at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. After a hearing, Kingston was euthanized.

Now, almost a month since the incident, Romano has been charged with injury to a child and tampering with and/or fabricating evidence.

In her Tuesday morning court appearance, Romano was given $5,000 bond for her injury to a child charge and $2,500 bond for her tampering charge.

The judge ruled she cannot have contact with the Waldroup family and cannot possess animals.

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The girl's family members want the dog's owner to take responsibility for what happened. ABC13's Mycah Hatfield shares their story in the video above. WARNING: Some of the images may be graphic.

Court documents showed that a past roommate of Romano was among the multiple witnesses interviewed. That roommate told authorities Kingston bit her in the face in 2020.

"She could have changed this from the first victim. She could have changed this from the second victim, the third, and here we are, not knowing what number victim we are," said Cleveratta.

Documents also state that in the most recent incident involving the 3-year-old, Romano allegedly acted recklessly by continuously disregarding a substantial and unjustifiable risk of which she was aware that a person would sustain bodily injury by bringing Kingston into a public place without a muzzle.

"Overall, I want my daughter to be able to live a normal life outside of the trauma, outside of the night terrors, outside of this horrific memory. I want her to be able to love dogs again. Every time we see a dog she hesitates, or she has a panic attack," said Cleveratta. "Overall I just want peace.

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