Triathlon coach reads brain waves to get results for his athletes

Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Running coach in The Woodlands using brain wave training
Running coach in The Woodlands using brain wave training

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- Tim Floyd is a world-renowned triathlon swim coach, who splits his time training in The Woodlands and Magnolia.

No matter their experience level, he gets the most out of athletes. He trains age-groupers and elite professionals. But elite pros keep finding their way to him. One of the things that makes Floyd so unique is how innovative his training sessions are.

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Recently, he started experimenting with the golf application FocusBand. The FocusBand Golf Brain Training Headset & Performance App helps train golfers in real-time, to shut out the inner-chatter that normally disrupts their game.

Athletes wear the band around their head to study brain activity and help get them to their flow state.

The flow state is often referred to in sports as "the zone." Floyd has applied the technology to his endurance athletes.

"Coaches always talk about it, but no one could ever tell you how to train for it," says Floyd. "The last 75 years have been about training the biological machine of an athlete. The next 30 will be how you train the brain."

Several of his athletes have had success using it. Elite ultra-runner Ronnie Delzer has become a more efficient runner because of it.

"The FocusBand has allowed me to train better and race better," says Delzer. "I am able to go a little bit faster in the workouts, because of the perceived efforts being more relaxed. So I am getting a lower heart rate."

Floyd adds, "Matt Hanson, who won Ironman Texas this past go-round, went with the fastest Ironman time ever. We talked right after the race and he said he noticed the difference."

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