Craft your own wooden decor at The Rustic Brush

Thursday, July 13, 2017

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Reclaimed wood is a huge home decor trend these days. If purchasing reclaimed furniture or flooring isn't for you, you might just want to make rustic home decor yourself.

At The Rustic Brush in Houston, you can get your friends together and create your own work of art!

Jonna Lee spent the past few years as an art teacher. In February, she took her passion for art and transformed it into a business.

"It was a really easy transition, and it's been really enjoyable and fulfilling, as well," said Lee.

Her parents helped while she juggled two jobs.

"We all have our specialties, which has been good. This is 100 percent a family business," she added.

Now, Lee is a full-time entrepreneur at her business, The Rustic Brush.

"The Rustic Brush is a BYOB DIY location where you can come with friends and family and you can create a beautiful work of art all in one location," explained Lee.

When you arrive, all the tools, wood and stencils are ready for you to create your palette.

"A small is $38, a medium is $48 and a large is $58," she said.

First, you nail your board together and sand it. Next, you stain and apply the stencil. Then, you paint.

"You can use any color you want. Any combination. I think that's what people enjoy the most about it," said Lee.

Finally, you peel off the stencil, add a backing and you have a gorgeous piece of art! It was a career change worth every challenge for Lee.

"It has been a complete roller coaster in a good way," said Lee.

The Rustic Brush is great for couples, friends and even kids. It's already open in Memorial and Kingwood and will open in Katy and Pearland in August.

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