Do-it-yourself videos prove to be helpful during COVID-19

One business booming during the COVID-19 pandemic is home improvement, so if you want to fix your house but don't have the skills, don't worry.

Do-it-yourself YouTube channels are more popular now than ever before, and the depth is incredible. Many are even geared to helping you save money along the way.

One popular channel is Do It on a Dime with Katherine Smearly.

Smearly shares tips on how to reorganize your house using Dollar Store finds.

She takes you through the steps of getting control of the clutter with items you do not have to spend a lot of money on, and explains the process in an easy way to follow.

"You don't really need to have a lot of skill or talent to be able to do a lot of these DIY's. My channel focuses on home organization, decorating for yourself, DIY projects that my husband and I do and most of it is from the Dollar Store. So, these are things that are achievable for any family," Smearly said.

If it is a complicated project, look at several channels to get a good handle on how to do things.

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