19-year-old fears retaliation after assault by Seabrook PD chief outside Webster gym

Chief Sean Wright was given a citation for allegedly accosting a 19-year-old whom he accused of taking his gym bag.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Police chief still on duty despite teen accusing him of assault
Only ABC13 speaks with a 19-year-old who says he was cornered by a small-town police chief who falsely accused him of stealing his gym bag.

WEBSTER, Texas (KTRK) -- Seabrook Police Chief Sean Wright is under investigation and accused of assaulting a 19-year-old after falsely accusing him of stealing a bag outside a Webster gym.

According to court records, Wright accused the young man of stealing his gym bag at Fitness Connection on Gulf Freeway Frontage Rd., which was later found, on Jan. 7.

The victim, who wanted to stay anonymous out of fear of retaliation, spoke only to ABC13.

He said he noticed a man staring at him in the locker room, who then followed him out to his car, where he went through his belongings, pushed him around, and pinned him against the car.

"I said, 'Hey, what's up man?' He started walking over and said, 'Give me my (expletive) bag,'" he said. "I said, 'I don't know what you are talking about.' He opened my door, started looking around through the side, and saying, 'Where the (expletive) is my bag? I know you took it. You are the only one who could have took it.'"

The victim said he thought the man may have been trying to steal his car.

"He pushed me and pulled me out of the car and held me against the car and kept yelling, 'Give me my (expletive) bag,'" the victim said. "I told him, 'I don't have your bag. Quit touching me! I don't have your bag. Leave me alone!'"

The victim went on to say he tried to reach into his car for his phone, pleading with the man to call police while he was being held.

"He said, 'I am a cop. You won't get in any trouble,' and I said, 'You're a cop and you are assaulting me? Quit touching me,'" the victim said.

After the struggle, the police were called, and it was found that the bag was actually inside the gym. The Seabrook Police Department confirmed Wright was involved.

The police chief has been cited for assault, according to court records. The police department confirmed he is still on active duty.

In a statement, Seabrook Police Department Administrative Lt. Bryan Brand said:

"The Seabrook Police Department received an administrative complaint against Chief Wright regarding an incident that occurred in Webster, TX. This complaint was based on use of force, a property issue, and conduct. This complaint has been forwarded to our investigation division. The incident that occurred in Webster, Texas resulted in a class C criminal investigation initiated by the Webster Police Department. This incident is being investigated by the Webster police department, and any inquiries regarding that incident will have to be directed to the Webster police."

ABC13 also reached out to the city manager, who sent us a statement:

"I have been made aware of an incident on January 7, 2023, involving the Seabrook Chief of Police in the City of Webster at a gym. I cannot comment further because this is a personnel matter and the city does not generally comment on such matters. I am continuing to monitor the proceedings and if the allegations prove to be true, the city reserves for further inquiries as the case develops."

The victim in the case believes the city has been trying to hide the incident and that Webster police have treated Wright differently because of his position.

"He restrained me against my chest forcefully against my car. He denied me access to call the police. He went through my car, didn't allow me to stop him, kept pushing me away, and he's only been cited," the victim said.

Webster Police Chief Pete Bacon is adamant that his officers handled this investigation as any other.

Bacon said his department is not trying to cover anything for the Seabrook chief and that he was charged appropriately as if he was any other citizen.

However, ABC13 asked if he has had contact with Wright since the incident. He said they have, claiming they work in neighboring cities and do business together but would not answer whether they spoke specifically about the incident.

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