Texas mall shooting witness describes 'massive trauma' as he helped victims

Joshua W. Barnwell said he had to cut 'shopping bags and purses' off of victims shot at the Allen Premium Outlets.

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Monday, May 8, 2023
8 killed, 7 injured in shooting rampage at Texas mall
Eight people died and seven others were injured Saturday after a gunman opened fire at an outdoor mall north of Dallas, Texas, officials said.

ALLEN, Texas -- The moments after Saturday's shooting at an outdoor mall near Dallas, Texas, will never leave Joshua W. Barnwell's memory.

Barnwell, who rushed in to help those who were wounded, said he had to cut away shopping bags and purses from the injured, "because all they were doing was shopping with their families," he told "Good Morning America" on Monday.

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A women who was conscious asked Barnwell, who has prior military experience, to help her daughter.

"This woman had massive trauma, five to six gunshot wounds," Barnwell said.

He went to the daughter to start chest compressions, he said.

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Andria Gaither, the assistant manager at the Tommy Hilfiger clothing store, said she was at the back of the store Saturday when she saw two young girls trying to hide in a dressing room.

"When I saw the massive amount of blood come out from her when I gave her chest compressions to her back," Barnwell said. "I knew she was gone."

Steven Spainhouer, a military veteran whose son works at the mall, arrived just after the shooting, he said. He immediately encountered wounded people, he said.

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"I was on the phone and I started counting bodies," he told "GMA" on Monday.

He recounted the conversation he had with an emergency operator: "I said, 'I've got seven bodies, I need seven ambulances.' She said, 'I don't know if I have that many.' I said, 'How every many you can get.'"

An Allen, TX shooting killed on-duty security guard Christian LaCour and 7 others. The suspect, ID'd as Mauricio Garcia, is also dead.