Get the most cash for your old iPhone

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- If you're thinking about upgrading your old iPhone, now is the time to sell your old one!

You'll make the most money by selling it direct, that way you can avoid shipping costs or commission fees. You can do this by posting "For Sale" signs around your office or school, on Facebook, or Craigslist. You want to use caution when doing going this route.

You can also list your old iPhone on websites like Amazon and eBay. They are the most well-known, but it will cost you 8-10 percent commission. and are newcomers, but much easier to navigate. Glyde takes 15 percent of the list price and Swappa charges a $10 commission. One thing to note is that Swappa is the only website we found that does not accept phones with cracked screens.

You can also sell your phone to a trade-in site. You will get less cash, but you have up to 30 days to send it in and they do all the communicating between the buyer and the seller. Some top-rated sites are Gazelle, Nextworth, and iCracked.

Most cellphone providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint have buyback programs, but they are offering the least amount for your trade, about $40-$100 less than some of the online sites.

It pays to do your research to see what similar models are going for.

We shopped around to find the best deal on a silver iPhone 5S Verizon 16GB with a cracked screen.
- iCracked - $160 mailed to you or $150 instantly
- Nextworth - $102
- Glyde - $82
- Gazelle - $60
- Swappa - Will not buy cracked screens null
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