Supply chain surcharges: Are you ready to pay more?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Remember back in 2018 when gas prices were at record levels, and we started seeing gas surcharges pop up?

Well, are you ready for supply chain surcharges?

Sherwin Williams has instituted a 4% surcharge, citing increased costs.

Construction company owner Brennan Dougherty said he only noticed the extra cost when he looked at his receipt after buying paint.

"Wow, they're just flat out, busting it out on the receipt, 4%," said Dougherty. "Obviously if it was a bigger job it affects you a lot more. But 4% on a million dollar job is $40,000."

Experts say we can expect to see supply chain disruption until at least early next year, so other companies may soon do the same.

"Who pays for that? The customer? Do we take it out of our percentage?" Dougherty asked. "It's hard to say. That wasn't there when we bid the job."

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