Russell Westbrook: NBA fashion icon's looks and kicks

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Superstar ability on the court can translate to other non-basketball things off the court.

When former NBA commissioner David Stern instituted a league dress code in the middle of the 2000s, there was an unspoken competition among pros to one-up each other's looks.

That competition later evolved into which player's wardrobe can stand out and make fans replicate a superstar's fashion choices. See: Supreme clothing.

One of the most memorable athletes to stand out as an NBA fashion icon is Russell Westbrook, who is landing with the Rockets ahead of his 11th season in the league.


Westbrook has been recognized as a player authority in using offbeat clothing pieces and incorporating them as if they are the latest trend.

For example, what you see as a poncho, he sees as an opportunity to walk into a visiting arena to show off.

Westbrook is arguably the most fashion forward player in the NBA.

And, yes, he apparently subscribes to the "leggings as pants" life choice.

Beyond that, though, he says each of his looks is a fresh, out-of-the-box ensemble, and he's told ESPN that he never wears the same thing twice, giving away his pieces.

He's not short on clothing, either. He has his own line at Barneys and his own type of glasses frames, also known as "Westbrook Frames."

Watch the video above to get a visual feast of his clothing choices, as well as his shoe game. Perhaps, he and new teammate P.J. Tucker can trade secrets on sneakers.

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