How food created the Houston Roughnecks' 1st dynamic duo

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The XFL's first dynamic duo with the Houston Roughnecks believe their love for food is what sparked their on-the-field performance.

There are a lot of eyes on No. 11 and No.14 at the Roughnecks practice.

Quarterback P.J. Walker and wide receiver Cam Phillips are getting attention because they were named the league's first ever stars of the week.

"That is pretty cool," Phillips said. "The first two weeks. I think it's a testament to being on the same page."

Getting on the same page goes beyond what you see on the field.

Becoming the league's first dynamic duo takes work off the field, too.

"We're always out eating," Walker explained. "Especially Cam, to be honest with you. Cam eats the most food I've ever seen from a wide receiver, I would say."

"Yeah, it's true," Phillips laughed. "We go eat a lot and joke and laugh."

Bonding over food isn't always easy when you don't know the city. Each player is from the mid-Atlantic, but after spending a few months in Houston, they're starting to figure out what the city has to offer.

"We've had chicken and waffles [and] burger places down here," Phillips said. "Really, just trying to see the city. I think that's helped to carry that over on the field."

A love of food that has translated into a fulfilling combination on the field.

"It's a blessing, you know," Phillips said. "We're just going to do what we do consistently. Continue to just keep playing. Get the man the ball and keep doing what we've been doing."

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