It only takes a soccer ball: Get toned and fit like a Houston Dash player

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you want to whip yourself into shape but don't have time for an hour workout or the cash to drop on a boutique gym membership, the women of the Houston Dash soccer team have a couple of tips for busy moms.

A soccer workout gets your heart rate up, and all you really need is a ball and your body weight to get the toned, lean look of the ladies racing down the soccer field.

"Our philosophy is that you don't carry weights around with you on the field, so why would train with them," said Dash midfielder Mana Shim.

Start with a quick stretch, but don't hold each pose too long --deep held stretches are for the end of your workout. Then get your feet moving by doing the "karaoke" by running sideways, crisscrossing your feet every other step.

Midfielder Claire Falknor uses one simple rule for a good workout. "The key is just being active and doing things with your body, simple things," she said.

Body weight, a soccer ball and a partner is all you need to run a few drills, dribbling the ball while your partner does a plank, engaging all the core muscles. Then switch off!

Shim says don't be intimidated, because soccer is mommy-friendly. "You would be shocked by how many similarities there are between the mom workout and our workout," she said.

Now, back to that deep stretch to round out your workout. Open up your core by starting with a yoga warrior two pose, lean forward and with your front hand, touch your front foot and lean back with the hand in the air. Repeat on the opposite side.

Do what you can in the free time that you have. If at the end of the day you still can't fit in a workout, don't sweat it! Be good to yourself, and get back at it the next day.

"I really believe in the 80/20 rule, so I'm not strict all the time. Eighty percent I get it right, 20 percent I don't," said Shim, admitting even pro-athletes have their exercise and diet cheat days.
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