Need some Zzzs during your day? Nap Bar is here for you

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The hottest new bar in H-town doesn't have a dance floor or fancy cocktails.

Instead, you'll find a night light and, if you're lucky, a roommate who doesn't snore.

Nap Bar opens in April in Rice Village.

Owner Khaliah Guillory came up with the idea while commuting into the city from the suburbs.

"Commuting in from Richmond, Texas, I found myself with a large gap of time, an hour and a half to kill between meetings," she explained. "I thought, 'There's got to be a reason or a place for me to go for a nap.'"

You can book sessions for 20 minutes to four hours.

Linens are changed after every client.

"The misconception is that, 'There is no way I'll be able to fall asleep in 20, 25 minutes.' Fourteen out of the 15 beta testers fell asleep. One of them, we couldn't even wake up," Guillory laughed.

You can choose between a small pod and a roomy bed for naps.

You won't have your own room, but each pod is covered with wood and soundproof curtains.

The goal is to eventually expand to a mobile business, where businesses will be able to offer Nap Bar services at their own facilities.

"We are very sure that we will be able to take this model to recharge the executives and the workers and employees," Guillory said.

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