Need a 3D printer? There's free access to one at the library

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- Everybody knows you're supposed to be quiet when visiting libraries.

But at the Kingwood Branch Library, there's a special sound.

It's the sound of technology.

"We know with learning, that doing is very important," explained branch manager Ryan Fennell. "We have that knowledge here that they can come and get, but we want to give them the opportunity to put that knowledge in practice."

The library is one of eight branches in the county with special "maker" equipment.

In Kingwood, residents can now use a 3D printer and a cutting machine to create all kinds of personalized designs.

Starting next year, guests will also be able to use a brand new laser cutter.

Most equipment has age restrictions and require free orientation classes.

For more information, visit the Harris County Public Library website.

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