Legendary South Houston boot shop celebrates 30 years

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For Jose 'Jesse' Guevara, making and fixing shoes have been a big part of his life since his early days in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Being a shoe cobbler is a trade that Guevara inherited from his grandpa long ago.

So when he first moved to the city of South Houston in the 80's, Guevara knew he wanted to bring the business with him.

"When I fix shoes I feel good because I like to do it. When I make a repair I feel the same way, as if I made a new one," expressed Guevara, the owner of Jesse's Boots.

"When I finish, and I see my work is good and nice, I feel real good," he said.

Jesse's Boots is a staple in the South Houston community. Not to mention, the big boot statue that sits outside their shop on Spencer has become a well-known landmark.

This past November, Jesse's Boots celebrated their 30th anniversary.

According to Guevara, he looks forward to continuing to make custom boots and shoes for many more years to come.

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