Here are the 10 basic do-it-yourself car repairs you should know

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Thursday, November 9, 2017
10 basic car repairs you should know
10 basic car repairs you should know

Vehicle maintenance is not cheap, unless you can do the most simple of repairs by yourself. listed 10 basic car repairs that everyone should know.

Some are practical and can be done in a handful of steps, such as changing oil or jumpstarting a car. Others might require another hand or multiple steps, such as changing brake pads.

Changing oil

While you could easily head to an auto lubricant shop for a "low" price, you can do the same things the mechanics do for just a fraction of the price.

For this most fundamental repair, you'll need to get the new oil and an oil filter, as well as locate the oil drain plug of your car. Drain the old oil into a drain pan, close up the plug, and fill up the new oil.

While this can be easy, online videos got your back on getting it done.

Changing a flat tire

Getting a flat, especially mid drive, is the worst. It doesn't have to be costly, though.

Before you call the auto club, break out the jack and grab a wrench.

Video tutorials on changing a tire

Changing spark plugs

Did you know spark plugs help ignite gasoline to power your vehicle?

This is actually simple, too. Locate your spark plug, remove the spark plug wire, remove the used spark plug, insert the new one, and plug back the wire.

Video tutorials on changing spark plugs

Removing scratches from paint

Like flat tires, a scratch on your car just ruins a good day. It doesn't have to be expensive.

Video tutorials on removing scratches

Changing a car battery

While you can be limited if your car dies while on the road, you can get the jump on a replacement at home.

To start, remove any covering from the dead or dying battery, disconnect the negative cables, move the clamp away from the battery post, disconnect the positive cable clamp, remove all screws, replace the old battery with the new one, and reconnect all cable clamps.

Video tutorials on replacing a car battery

Replacing a head or tail light

This one should be done as soon as you can get to it since it is illegal to drive with a busted taillight or headlight.

This is a little more involved of a process but can be done with ease. Of course, the level of difficulty adjusts with the model of vehicle.

Video tutorials on replacing a headlight

Video tutorials on replacing a taillight

Replacing wiper blades

This one is a matter of safety. How else can you see the road in front of you if you can't wipe away precipitation from your windshield?

The type of wiper blades vary.

Video tutorials on replacing wiper blades

Replacing air filters

This is a required duty once every 30,000 miles.

Just open the hood, locate the air filter unit, remove the air filter cover, take the spent filter out and clean the housing, insert the new filter, and replace the cover.

Video tutorials on replacing air filters

Changing brake pads

This repair is life-saving, but it takes time and precision.

Video tutorials on replacing brake pads

Jumpstarting a car

When it looks like your battery is on its last legs and the car gives out mid-trip, you'll need to know how to jump your car.

You'll need jumper cables and another vehicle.

Put both vehicles in neutral with the ignition off. Then, attach the red clips to the positive terminal of your battery and then to the other battery. Attach the black clip to the negative terminal of the other car's battery. The remaining black clip should be attached to an unpainted metal surface.

Try to start your car and you should find success.

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