Check your batteries, engines and tires! AAA gives tips on how to preserve your car in severe heat

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Saturday, July 23, 2022
Check your batteries, engines and tires!
Make sure you check your car battery, tires, and engine! These high temps can potentially prevent your car from running correctly during the summer season.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The extreme heat this summer is not simply keeping us indoors, but it could also keep your car from running correctly. AAA Texas offers the following advice about maintaining your vehicle during this stretch of triple-digit heat.

Battery, Engine, Tires

The heat could be taking a toll on your car's battery. AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster says dead batteries are a common reason customers call for assistance. Heat and vibration are a car battery's two worst enemies.

"If your battery is over three years old, and you have a road trip coming up, you definitely want to have that battery checked by a trusted technician. Just because the average battery life is about three to five years."

Battery connections should be tight, clean, and free from corrosion. For the engine, you should check the coolant level and inspect hoses and belts for cracking caused by heat.

In addition, check your tires as well. In this heat, over-inflated tires can cause blowouts.

If you are planning on road tripping this summer, make sure to have an emergency kit filled with water available for everyone inside the car, including your pets.

Getting the best from your AC

Don't pre-cool

Your car air conditioning works much better when driving because the faster the engine turns, the quicker the AC compressor runs.

Let the hot air out

When you start driving, roll the windows down for about 20 seconds. That will cause the hot air inside to release quickly.

Use the bottom vents only

We love to blast the cold air in our face but using the bottom vents right when you get inside will push the hot air up and out of your vehicle.

Use the air re-circulation button

Instead of pulling hot air from outside, this button on your air conditioner will re-circulate cool air to drop the temperature inside your vehicle faster.