Shell Freedom Over Texas performers excited to be in Houston

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Sunday, July 3, 2022
Performers happy to be in Houston for Shell Freedom Over Texas
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"That's what I'm looking forward to," singer Blanco Brown said. "Performing for the Houstonians."

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Clay Walker, who has homes in the Lone Star State, says headlining Shell Freedom Over Texas on the 4th of July is a chance to hang out with some old friends.

"I get to see a lot on the road," Walker said. "But there is nothing like looking out and seeing the skyline of your hometown and seeing your fans who are really more like family to you."

The band Sawyer Brown, which performs hits like "Some Girls Do," was started in Florida, but members say they know exactly where to go as soon as they get to the Bayou City.

"We're going to eat Mexican food," band members Hobie Hubbard and Mark Miller said. "It's really all about the Mexican food."

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The group has been performing in Houston for 40 years, but what about Blanco Brown, who has created his own spin on the music industry by combining country and rap?

"The Git Up" singer, born in 1985, says his favorite memory of Houston involves baseball.

"I came there plenty of times, but I went there for the World Series in 2019," Brown said. "It was amazing."

The Astros will be in town that afternoon, but Brown is unlikely to make it to Minute Maid Park.

He's booked for Shell Freedom Over Texas and says that's what most excites him to return to town.

"That's what I'm looking forward to," he said. "Performing for the Houstonians."

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