New identity theft scheme: scammers use US Postal Service to steal information

FRESNO, California -- Stephanie Vagim says it was her quick-thinking mailman who saved her from identity theft just two days before Christmas.

Mail theft victim Vagim said, "Apparently someone went online and requested a vacation hold under my address that wasn't me. He didn't recognize the name so he brought me the mail."

In the stack are letters for lines of credit that a scammer was itching to get their hands on.

"The JCPenny, the Kohls Community Bank - someone could have furnished their own home, brought Christmas gifts for everyone they know and all under my name."

And Vagim says it was all executed through their USPS website. The thief filled out the "request hold mail service" form to stop deliveries to her home.

The person, according to the form, planned on picking the mail up from the post office without Vagim ever knowing.

We spoke over the phone with a USPS postal inspector. He says this is not the first time a crime like this has happened.

"We are seeing this. We've had similar crimes take place in the Central Valley, Sacramento area, and the key is the minute you realize something is not right, say something," Jeff Fitch said.

Meantime, while Vagim is warning people of this new fraudulent scheme, she is hoping the government will find a way to stop it from happening so easily.

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