Artwork memorializes murdered deputy's deep interaction with community

The death of Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal is being felt across the globe, with one London artist finding a colorful way to pay tribute to him.

Amandeep Singh, who goes by the name Inkquisitive on Twitter, depicted the deputy hugging a child.

The drawing is based on a photo Singh saw circulating online of Dhaliwal with the boy, who is named Connor.

"I thought it would be honourable to showcase Sandeep's commitment to protect and serve but also proudly show his Sikh identity cushioning the young man in," Singh explained about his artwork.

Deputy Dhaliwal was known for his interactions within the community, with many recalling the times they met the deputy or how his service changed their lives.

The deputy was a Sikh, wearing articles of faith, including a turban, to show his commitment to equality, service and justice.
"The Sikh community always finds a way to spread the word of a fallen soldier. We unite as one to always celebrate the deceased rather than mourn. I am also a turban-wearing Sikh, and we all have faced racism in some shape or form wearing a turban. Sadly, Sandeep had to experience the most lowest and tragic ways," Singh told ABC13.

Singh said the piece took about eight to nine hours to create.

Singh added he hopes the drawing will "marry in what I've read about Sandeep. I hope it reaches his family, so they can find some sense of ease in the pain they must be dealing with."


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