Houston duo's Pure Parenting Shop helps brand new moms

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Thursday, May 31, 2018
MOMS ON THE MOVE: One-stop parenting shop
MOMS ON THE MOVE: One-stop parenting shop

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Pure Parenting Shop is a one-stop shop for everything, from advice on breastfeeding to cool new threads for baby. But even more importantly, business owners Sarah Godwin and Adriana Rodriguez Foy hope it's also a place for new moms to feel at home.

They put their personal stamp of approval on everything they sell at The Pure Parenting Shop.

"I don't want to carry anything that I wouldn't want to use with my kids," says Godwin.

For proof, she scoops her own little one, Warren, into a carrier sold at the shop. Rodriguez Foy, meanwhile, dresses her 2-year-old Eleanor in clothes she sells in her portion of this retail venture: a clothing company called Third Coast Threads.

"My mission is to give moms different options," says Adriana. "A lot of moms want to dress their kids in adorable cute clothes, but they don't want to spend $150 on a dress."

She credits her friendship with Sarah for giving her the courage and creative push to start her clothing business. Sarah first opened The Pure Parenting Shop after finding she needed a lot of advice once she left the hospital with her first child.

"You can Google, you can go into Big Box stores, you can wander around, but that doesn't necessarily mean that someone in that store is going to be able to help you," Sarah says.

Godwin is a certified lactation consultant and is a babywearing educator. When Adriana came in as a customer, their combined energy grew into a new idea.

"Let's make this a community for moms. I was like, 'yes, that's awesome, let's do it!' She got me excited on this idea, and she really gave me the strength and motivation to create my company," Adriana recalls.

Third Coast Threads features unique, often U.S.-made clothing, like a moisture-resistant clothing line, Dry Baby.

They find themselves taking customer service to the next level, says Sarah, with places for baby to play and spots for mom to relax.

"You can make a cup of coffee, sit down, cry, let us hold the baby, go to the bathroom without the baby - little things like that are humongous, because I couldn't tell you the last time I got to go to the bathroom without someone coming in."

Their store is focused on families from pregnancy through preschool. It's on Yale in the Heights and you can also find them online at https://thepureparentingshop.com/.

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