Here are 8 more popular Houston dogs on Instagram

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- They play. They slobber. They beg for treats. They pose for the perfect pictures.

On the heels of our first entry highlighting the furry Houston canines on Instagram, we checked out seven more dogs who are making users on the platform hit the follow button.

As with our previous entry, we reached out to accounts that hold at least 1,000 followers.

Copper and Tod

This diminutive duo each turned one year old this year. They have also drawn more than 9,000 followers with their youthful hijinks.

They appear inseparable throughout their Instagram feed. But for Copper, a corgi, and Tod, a dachshund, each pooch acted like strangers around the other at the beginning.

"Copper and Tod didn't get along super well at first," said their mom.

That quickly changed thanks to a car ride to the beach.

"During a road trip to Galveston they started cuddling in the car and they've been inseparable ever since!"

The pair can be seen at their number one spot, Danny Jackson Family Bark Park. While the cuddling is good, their parents say they couldn't be more different when it comes to playing around.

"Tod is very affectionate and wants to be in our laps at all times. Copper has tons of energy and wants to play all day long," their mom says. "It's a strange, yet fun dynamic."

Follow: @cooper_and_tod


Colt, a crossbreed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-poodle, is closing in on 5,000 followers. By the looks of the canine's feed, there's a reason for those thousands of followers.

One to constantly wag his tail, Colt came to Instagram to give his parents' friends and family a look at his life. However, it grew to more than that.

"We continued posting due to positive feedback," said his owner. "We looked at pictures of 'cavapoos' prior to buying Colt, and wanted to allow others to do the same."

Colt is also a pun-making machine. Under a post of Colt wearing a mane, the caption reads, "Mom said this made me look cool but I think she's lion."

You can find Colt cheesing with other furry friends at Johnny Steele Dog Park.

Follow: @coltthecavapoo


While Lacey, a mutt, calls Houston her home, this canine, who has more than 2,200, found her beginnings with her family in Austin. As her owner recalls, she literally walked into her and her boyfriend's lives.

According to Lacey's owner, the stray dog found her way to the entrance of the Austin Animal Center, where a free pet adoption was conveniently happening.

"To be clear she wasn't dropped off or surrendered," her owner says. "As a street dog she found the shelter herself and walked up to the front door!"

Since her serendipitous adoption, Lacey has garnered selection for a Bark Post coffee table book. For her picture, she fittingly posed in front of bluebonnets "like any good Texan."

And if you love dogs, you'll love that she's a people canine.

"She truly hams it up for humans," her owner says. "Meeting her isn't free, though, she'll expect a belly rub."

Lacey expects belly rubs at her favorite places: Buchanan's Native Plants and Eight Row Flint.

Follow: @lacey_rawlins


Bentley is the lone legitimate puppy among these fluff balls.

The pup is an anniversary gift for his dog parents, who also takes care of a Catahoula and a dachshund.

While Bentley is still new to IG, he's commanded more than 1,000 followers in less than a month.

In addition, you might want to check out this little corgi's videos, especially ones where his floppy ears are the stars.

Follow: @theofficialcorgi


Wallace is a golden "labradoodle" with lots of character and a great eye for Houston art.

Saying Wallace is tall is an understatement, according to his dog mom. On his hind legs, he's about 5'5". It's that kind of height that helps him get unsweetened apple sauce off pantry shelves.

"Why he chose this over tortilla chips and beef jerky will forever remain a mystery to us," his dog mom says.

You'll also notice the golden pooch in front of some colorful flair around Houston. His mom says it's a tribute to the scene in the dog's hometown.

"I also wanted to showcase what makes Houston special and beautiful, so I have primarily focused on highlighting the incredible number of murals here."

Not a bad road for this rescue doggo.

Follow: @wallace.the.goldendoodle

Hercules and Olive

Here are two pups who are breaking down the stigma of their appearance.

Hercules, an American bulldog mix, and Olive, a Rottweiler mix, were rescue dogs who are enjoying second chances. Each was found in perilous conditions.

Hercules was found wrapped in wire and starving, while Olive was locked in a basement as a puppy and malnourished.

They found love in their owners who brought them from Maryland to Houston. According to their mom, they are a resilient pair when they could have easily given up on human warmth and contact.

"Just because they were rescued or had a bad past doesn't mean they won't be sweet or loving," she says.

The pair have also made it big time through Southern Living magazine's Instagram feed. They also shine for kids at Hermann Park and countless other beer gardens and patios.

Follow: @hercmetolive

If you know any popular pups that we should feature, send us an email.

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Here are 7 popular Houston dogs on Instagram

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