Suspect confesses to fatally shooting Houston Police Sergeant.: Court documents

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Officials say suspect confessed to fatally shooting Houston Sgt.
WATCH: In PC court Sunday, Solis was charged with capital murder of a police officr without bond. He waived his right to appear.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston police sergeant died Saturday after a shooting in Houston's East End, according to police chief Art Acevedo.

Sgt. Christopher Brewster was responding to a domestic disturbance call on Avenue I just after 5:45 p.m.

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That call was from a female who advised dispatchers that her boyfriend was assaulting her and that he was armed with two weapons, Acevedo said.

Brewster arrived less than five minutes later to find the couple had left the location, but were found walking in the 7400 block of Avenue L. Brewster came under fire as soon as he tried to exit his patrol cruiser, according to Acevedo.

Arturo Solis, 25, is the suspected shooter, Acevedo said. Solis has a lengthy criminal history including a charge of assault causing bodily injury.

This is the booking photo of suspect Arturo Solis, 25, charged with the capital murder of HPD Sergeant Christopher Brewster.

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Brewster was hit multiple times, but still managed to draw his weapon and radio a description of the suspect to other responding officers.

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In court Sunday morning, authorities said Brewster exited his vehicle without his gun drawn and was trying to get Solis' attention by waving both hands.

The man accused of killing Houston Police Sgt. Christopher Brewster is Arturo Solis, a 25-year-old man with a lengthy criminal history. These mugshots date back to 2007,

Solis was charged with capital murder of a police officer early Sunday morning with no bond.

He waived his right to appear in probable cause court, his next appearance is scheduled for December 9.

Court documents state that Solis confessed to the shooting death of Sgt. Brewster.

They say Solis told authorities he was aware Brewster was a police officer and shot him in order to avoid arrest.

Brewster's death is the first line-of-duty fatality involving a Houston-area law enforcement officer since Harris County Sheriff's deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was ambushed during a traffic stop in Sept. 2019.

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