NTSB looking into maintenance history of MD-87 jet in Waller County crash

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Thursday, October 21, 2021
NTSB gives update Waller County plane crash investigation
As the investigation continues into a plane crash in Waller County, the NTSB is looking into the aircraft's maintenance history.

WALLER COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- As the investigation continues into an MD-87 plane crash in Waller County, the National Transportation Safety Board said it is looking into the aircraft's maintenance history.

The crash happened shortly after takeoff mid-morning Tuesday. The plane ended up in a field at the Houston Executive Airport, near Brookshire.

During Thursday's briefing, NTSB board member Michael Graham said the agency is analyzing cell phone video of the scene, which shows the plane on the runway as it was braking.

In addition, they are also looking into the aircraft's maintenance history, as this was the plane's first flight since December 2020. The NTSB said it is going to take a few weeks to gather all the evidence to figure out what happened. But so far, the team has already recovered the black boxes from the crash.

LISTEN: Dispatcher directs first-responders to crash scene

Eyewitness News obtained emergency dispatcher's audio that directs first-responders to the site of a crash near Houston Executive Airport.

Since the incident, FAA officials added that the plane rolled through a fence and caught fire in a field while attempting to depart the executive airport just after 10 a.m. CT.

According to Graham, a flight mechanic on board managed to open the main cabin door and helped get all 18 passengers and three crew members out of the fiery wreckage safely. Two people were sent to the hospital.

The youngest person on board was a 10-year-old, officials said.

In the latest update, Graham added that tire marks on the runway indicated an aborted takeoff. It's still unclear why the plane aborted, but Graham said the NTSB did not find any debris on the runway or in the grass before the crash.

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An aviation expert looks at the circumstances surrounding the plane crash during an aborted takeoff from Houston Executive Airport.

At this time, the agency is still interviewing the flight crew, passengers and any witnesses at the scene. They are also analyzing data recorded.


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