Mugshot released on NFL player Michael Bennett after allegedly injuring elderly woman

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Monday, March 26, 2018
Michael Bennett hearing
ABC13 reporter Miya Shay update on Michael Bennett hearing.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett is out on bond, hours after he was taken into custody for the felony charge of injury to the elderly, which stemmed from an altercation in Feb. 2017 at Super Bowl LI.

Bennett was indicted on Friday, and he turned himself in during open court on Monday. He was accompanied by family members and his attorney, Rustin Hardin.

Wearing a cardigan and a button down shirt, the NFL star sat quietly among other defendants during the court proceedings.

Bennett allegedly pushed a 66-year-old paraplegic, who was working security at NRG Stadium. Because the victim is over the age of 65, Bennett is charged with a felony.

He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine if found guilty.

"We will present everything we have," said Hardin, who was only hired on Friday to represent Bennett. "At the end of the day, they'll conclude this charge should not have been filed."

WATCH: Attorney Rusty Hardin discusses Michael Bennett hearing

Michael Bennett taken into custody

On Feb. 5, 2017, Bennett was a spectator and in town to watch his brother, a player for the New England Patriots.

Bennett taken into custody at Harris County court

On Feb. 5, 2017, Bennett was a spectator and in town to watch his brother, a player for the New England Patriots.

Immediately following the game, Bennett allegedly shoved his way on to the field where players were gathering to celebrate.

NRG security personnel, including the 66-year-old disabled victim, told Bennett he had to use a different entrance for field access. That's when Bennett allegedly pushed the victim and injured her shoulder.

Hardin, though, says that is simply not the case. He argues in the chaotic minutes after the Super Bowl, people's memories and perceptions of what happened may differ.

"Michael never bumped into her. She bumped into him. I think we'll find, with her wheelchair, that doesn't mean she did something wrong," said Hardin. "When you have that kind of atmosphere, one side can perceive something and one side may not."

Hardin also alluded that there were additional evidence that would exonerate Bennett, that for whatever reason, his previous attorney did not submit to the grand jury.

Bennett's previous attorney, out of Dallas, was present at today's hearings. He declined to comment. Hardin says he plans to submit additional evidence to the District Attorney, and hopes she will look at everything.

Bennett's next court date is in April. As part of his $10,000 bond, he has a no contact order with the victim. Bennett will be able to travel back and forth from his home in Hawaii to make court appearances.

Bennett, 32, was traded from the Seahawks to Philadelphia earlier this month.

Michael Bennett appears in front of a Harris County judge.