Suspect charged with murder of teen found in Pasadena park appears in court

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Monday, November 6, 2023
Nathaniel Navarro, 19, identified as victim shot to death in a park in Pasadena on Satsuma Street
The two suspects in custody, who are both under the age of 20, were involved in a murder case that involved a 19-year-old's body being found in a Pasadena park.

PASADENA, Texas (KTRK) -- A teen has been identified as the victim who was shot to death in a park in Pasadena on Thursday.

Nathaniel Navarro, 19, was the person found shot to death on Satsuma Street near Red Bluff Road.

Furthermore, two suspects are now in custody and scheduled to appear in court, according to authorities.

Authorities say Cruz Martinez and Serenity Delgado, who are both under the age of 20, are the suspects involved in the murder case.

The suspects dragged the 19-year-old's body out of the car and about 100 yards away to a nearby wooded area behind an auto body shop and a church.

Martinez is now facing multiple charges for Navarro's death. On the other hand, Delgado is scheduled for court Sunday night.

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