5 tips on how to keep your manicure and pedicure fresh

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Keep your manicure and pedicure fresh with these 5 tips
Keep your manicure and pedicure fresh with these 5 tips

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- There's nothing more frustrating than spending money on your manicure only to have it chip a few days later.

Here are some easy tips from Brush Box Nail Salon and Spa in Garden Oaks to help stretch your manicure or pedicure for as long as possible:

Oil and polish don't mix - Make sure there's no trace of lotion or oil on your nails before you paint them. Do not touch your nails with your fingers after removing old polish.

Don't forget the free edge - Seal the exposed edge of your nail with polish after painting the top portion of your nail.

File down to the color - If the edge of your nail starts to chip, file the chip away by making your nails just a tad bit shorter. It'll look like the color extends to the end of your nail again.

Get your glitter on - Nails growing out at the cuticle? Use a glitter polish to create an ombre look to cover up the gap between your polish and cuticle. You can also use a solid color for a fun reverse French manicure.

Go French - Another option for chipped nails, pick a contrasting color and swipe on some faux French tips or glitter ombre in the opposite direction.

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