MUD 157 water-tanks cause property damage, lead to renter's eviction in Canyon Village, family says

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Tuesday, August 1, 2023
Evicted renters blame district water tanks for property damage to home
Renters in Canyon Village say they were evicted from their home on Cypress Hills because of damage caused by Harris County MUD 157 water tanks.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Matthew and Jennifer Austin have rented a home in Canyon Village at Cypress Hills in northwest Harris County for a year but said they're being evicted as a result of actions from Municipal Utility District 157.

"I had planned on living here a couple of years until we were able to buy a house," Matthew Austin said as he discussed his dilemma with ABC13.

The issue he's facing relates to two large water-storage tanks behind his home.

He said the MUD drains them multiple times a year and that each time it happens, his backyard floods.

He said it last happened a few weeks ago and that the water sits in his yard for weeks whenever the tanks are drained.

"I mean, we have dogs, and we have kids. My feet were literally sinking in the mud," he said. "About 85% of our backyard goes underwater."

Austin said the water had caused $5,600 in damages to a hot tub, the foundation, and other things in the backyard and that they were being evicted as a result.

Eyewitness News reached out to Municipal District Services, which oversees these tanks, but were sent to the voicemail of a vice president with the company.

ABC13 hasn't received a response.

"We want a solution to this," he explained. "It's just making our lives difficult."

The Austins have filed a claim against Municipal District Services in Harris County Small Claims Court.

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