Robbery victim survives being held up at gunpoint in Montrose, where HPD reports rise in crime

ByKaren Alvarez KTRK logo
Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Montrose man shares survivor story after being robbed at gunpoint
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A man shares his story after him and a friend were robbed at gunpoint while leaving a bar in Montrose, an area where police say crime is rising.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- "You think of your family, little ones, and the people that love you," Bryan, who did not want his entire identity revealed, said.

Bryan said he's thankful to be alive after a Friday night outing turned into a dangerous situation.

"The next thing I know, four young men jumped out of the car, ran towards us, and put a gun to my head," Bryan said.

He said it happened at about 3 a.m. on Saturday when he and his friend were walking back home from a bar in Montrose when four men suddenly jumped out of their car and held them at gunpoint.

"They grabbed my phone, my license. They grabbed my friend's license and wallet," Bryan said.

He said the men continued to hold him and his friend facedown at gunpoint, despite his attempt to push back.

At some point, he said, the men got back into their car and drove off. He and his friend eventually made it home and called the police.

He said police told him there's been an uptick in crime around the area. So, ABC13 looked at our Neighborhood Safety Tracker and we found that in the last year, there have been about 42 robberies in the area, which includes Montrose.

Police said that the robbery does not appear to be a hate crime, but further investigation will determine if that changes.

"No injuries. That's what makes me think it wasn't a hate crime. They weren't there to beat us up. They were just there to get what we had: money," Bryan said.

Still shaken up but thankful, he and his friend were left unharmed. He hopes people will think twice the next time they are out.

"Be aware of your surroundings. When you think you're safe, you're not always safe. It can happen anywhere. Just be careful," Bryan said.