Neighborhood left terrorized after dog was mauled to death

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Friday, December 13, 2019
Family dog fatally mobbed by neighbor's canine
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ABC13's Erica Simon reports the canine who killed the family dog comes from a home that belongs to an NFL player, according to records.

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Missouri City family says their pet was mauled and killed in their own backyard by a group of dogs that stay next door.

"Sandy didn't deserve this. She was a loyal dog. A family. She was my family," Linda Flowers said tearfully Thursday.

The images of Jerry and Linda Flowers' 3-year-old lab mix Sandy are too graphic to publicize, but they told us about the horrific discovery. They said part of her body was pulled underneath their fence by dogs on their neighbor's property. Property records list the homeowner as Trent Williams, whom the couple said is an NFL offensive lineman.

"We've been here three years, and I'll definitely tell you my family and I feel like prisoners in our own neighborhood," said neighbor Cecelia Hernandez.

Residents in The Manors subdivision said the dogs at that home often roam the streets.

"I've probably seen them out at least 20 times, to the point where I will not walk with my dogs or my children on this side of the neighborhood," said another neighbor Sarah Sanders.

No one answered the bell or gate at Williams' home. ABC13 saw one person in a hoodie come out and walk near the dog kennels in the backyard, but he stayed silent and wouldn't answer any questions.

Missouri City Animal Control responded to the attack of Sandy, but city officials won't give us a copy of the report. All they said was they're aware of the incident and are investigating. Williams' latest team, the Washington Redskins, said they have no comment.

ABC13 reached out to Williams, who claims that the animals were actually defending his smaller dog as it suffered an attack from Sandy. That pet, he says, is now fighting for its life and has incurred about $5,000 in veterinary bills.

Williams added that he did nothing wrong, and claimed that's why he wasn't cited by police or animal control.

In the meantime, everyone is living in fear.

"I'm too scared to put her in the stroller. She just had her first birthday - and take her around the neighborhood - not knowing when they'll get out and what they'll do," Lynne Woods explained.

The Flowers said they don't know why so many dogs live next door, but won't stop fighting until something is done and families are kept safe.

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