ABC13 viewers step up for mom whose child endangerment charge tossed after no probable cause found

Miriah Holmes told Eyewitness News on Thursday that she, her daughter, and their dog are living out of a car for months.

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Saturday, July 15, 2023
Mom sees charge dropped, reunites with daughter after ABC13 report
"To say that I'm grateful is an understatement." After Eyewitness News brought you a young mother's story of struggle, the community lent its support as she had a heavy burden lifted off of her in court.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Less than 24 hours after ABC13 aired a story about a young mother who was arrested for child endangerment, the case has been dropped.

On Friday morning, Judge Ramona Franklin found no probable cause in the case against 24-year-old Miriah Holmes. She was charged on Tuesday with felony child endangerment and animal cruelty.

Harris County Precinct 4 constable's deputies found her, her daughter, and their dog asleep in a McDonald's parking lot, according to a news release that also included her booking photo. The deputies said they were hot and in danger.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office accepted the charges. Holmes said they were just homeless.

"Since March, I've been in my car. My car is my home," Holmes told ABC13 on Thursday night.

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Hours later, Franklin called the attorneys and said she had changed her mind, according to Tucker Graves, Holmes' court-appointed attorney.

"She said I have reviewed this case again and I find no probable cause," Graves explained. "What that means is this case is dismissed at the moment, and if they want to re-file, they can take it to a grand jury, but in my opinion, I don't think they will pursue this."

That decision reunited Holmes with her daughter. As a previous bond condition, she was prohibited from even contacting her. Four-year-old Cassaura had been placed with her aunt.

By Friday night, Holmes met ABC13 viewer Tammy Morris at the impound lot to retrieve her vehicle.

Morris was one of dozens who contacted the station after seeing Holmes' story. Morris, a stranger, gave her the $400 she needed to get her car released. Morris said she was compelled to help because she was upset by what happened.

"Shame on y'all. Shame on y'all. Houston has enough resources to have helped her instead of sending her to jail," Morris said, directing her frustration with the people who charged Holmes. "She didn't deserve this."

On Thursday, Precinct 4 told ABC13 to file an open-records request for information.

On Friday, ABC13 anchor Erik Barajas spoke to Constable Mark Herman, who defended his deputies and said they were told by the Harris County District Attorney's Office to "get the kid to safety."

The district attorney's office declined to comment on the finding of "no probable cause."

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