ONLY ON 13: Self-proclaimed fashion-icon fan who ran on the field said 'destiny was calling'

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Monday, April 17, 2023
Fan says his 6th Crawford Bock was reason for run on field
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Michael Guindi, who ran the field during the ninth inning, told ABC13 he was on his sixth beer and wanted to see if he could turn the game around for the Stros.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Astros fan who stormed the field with a beer in hand during Friday's loss against the Texas Rangers said, "Destiny was calling" before security tackled him.

Michael Guindi, 26, is now charged with criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.

One day after being released on a $100 bond, Guindi spoke to ABC13 while sporting Astros gear.

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When he ran the field, he was wearing an unbuttoned Astros jersey, denim shorts, sandals, and a beer in hand. He calls himself the fashion icon.

"I'm kind of a fashion icon. You can say," Guindi said. "The jorts were still dirty from the turf, so I had to go overalls today and have to rep my Houston Astros even if they don't want me there. But that was just a classic Friday fit right there. I didn't realize I was going to be on TV."

It was the ninth inning, and the Astros were losing, so Guindi said he wanted to storm the field to boost morale.

"You got to love a good Friday night with the 'Stros, you enjoy a couple of Crawford Bocks with the boys, and then we are down 5-2, and destiny was calling on me," Guindi said. "Try to get some morale in the crowd, get the boys ready to go, try to turn the game around if I could."

When the 26-year-old self-proclaimed #1 Astros fan saw the security officer step away, he made his now-viral move.

"When destiny knocks, you got to answer," Guindi said.

Shortly after, he was tackled on the field and escorted out.

"They were really nice about it," Guindi said. They kind of just carry you off. They got a cell in the stadium then a night in Harris County no one loves these right?"

"I probably would have tried to escape off first base line and then run to the other little Woodrow's and get a couple more Crawford Bocks, " Guindi said of what he would've done with a little more time.

Guindi said he believes it was his 6th beer, which he said most likely also played a role.

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Under his bond conditions, Guindi can have no contact with Roy Pippin, who is the security manager.

His next court appearance is April 21.

According to Guindi, he is now banned from Minute Maid Park, which he hopes they can reconsider.

"If we can get a petition together, let me back in, I am the biggest Astros fan in the city," Guindi said. "We are going back to the World Series and hopefully, I can get this ban lifted before we win it again this year."

ABC13 did reach out the the Astros, but there has yet to be a response.

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