Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury thinks he looks like a zombie in Madden '20

Days before Madden '20 is set to be released, one NFL head coach says he now understands why so many players around the league are upset with their ratings.

Kliff Kingsbury, new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, says he wasn't a fan of what game makers did to his face, according to a tweet by the team.

In fact, the coach whose likeness has been compared to that of actor Ryan Gosling, said he thinks he looks like a zombie in the game to be released Friday, ESPN reports.

"I had seen a bunch of guys kind of getting in their feelings about their ratings and then somebody sent me a picture of what I look like on there," Kingsbury said. "I want to get adjusted on looks rating. I look like I'm on 'The Walking Dead' in that picture."

In past years, we've seen other NFL athletes take issue with their own appearance in Madden games.

Before Christian Covington left the Texans for Dallas, he called his doppleganger in Madden NFL '19 "ugly."

Deshaun Watson fans watched as the Texans QB's ratings dropped from 86 to 82 in the year between Madden NFL '18 and '19's release.

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Kingsbury now feels their pain and that of other NFL stars apparently done wrong by EA Sports.

"So, yeah, I apologize to any of those players that I thought, 'Hey, it's just a video game. Why are you upset?' Because I saw my picture on there and I'm not pleased with where we're at. So we'll have to work on that."
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