Christian Covington, Houston Texans defensive end, takes issue with 'ugly' doppelganger in 'Madden NFL 19'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston Texans defensive end Christian Covington is taking issue with his digital doppelganger that appears in the upcoming Madden NFL 19 video game.

On Twitter, Covington posted an image of what is supposed to be his likeness from the video game. He tweeted, "Guess I have to accept the fact that I'm ugly now.... Say it ain't so Madden.... smh."

Fans responded, agreeing with Covington's assessment to his video game aesthetic.

"Legit shook me bad," said user "daabrownbear."

"Yep, not a good look," said another user "czjakers."

"I wish I was blind now," user "Warn41977342" bluntly added.

"Can (your) new nickname be 'Meat Sweats,'" said "DrygateMori."

Despite the reaction, Covington might take solace in the fact that Electronic Arts, the developer for "Madden," assigned a decent 75 player rating for the fourth year pro.

While the likeness of Covington is highly questionable, EA explained in 2014 to SBNation that a multiple camera setup captures all angles of a player's head. Those images will be used to create the likeness in the Madden game.
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