Torrey Smith insists he taught son lesson with 'Madden' victory of nearly 100 points

When Carolina Panthers wide receiver Torrey Smith posted on Twitter of his 98-point victory in a Madden NFL game against his 4-year-old son, there was some surprise that it was more about a life lesson than a brag.

There's no mistaking that a 120-22 win against a child is a savage insult.

But according to Smith, he wanted to teach his son T.J. about not giving up.

"My kids will know what it's like to fail and never quit. There are some positives in video games," said the Super Bowl-winning wideout.

Torrey Smith's lesson has caught many eyes and minds, and it also found a spot on the ESPN program High Noon. On the show, a video showed little T.J.'s response to being beaten.

"Try your best and practice so you can beat him one day," T.J. said.


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