Klein Forest football players said they were called racial slurs in game against Tomball Memorial

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Sunday, November 15, 2020
Klein Forest players says they were called racial slurs at game
Klein Forest HS freshman football players are accusing members of an opposing school of calling them racial slurs during and after a game.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When 14-year-old Carter Jenkins steps on the field, he's in his element and doing what he loves. He figured this week's freshmen football game against Tomball Memorial would be competitive, but didn't know it would quickly escalate.

"Somebody had crackback blocked on a pick six, and then they (a Tomball Memorial football player) said 'What is this n-word doing?'" Jenkins said.

The teen said a coach and a referee were standing beside them when the Tomball Memorial player made the racial slur, but neither the coach nor the ref said anything to the player.

That was the first alleged incident. After a scuffle, the teams were separated. Klein Forest hurried to get their boys onboard the team bus.

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The district said the students' violation of the dress code was clearly unacceptable.

Jenkins said that's when he heard another slur.

"After the game, people drove by in their truck and said 'F you n-words,'" Jenkins said.

He was so shocked and hurt by what he heard, he had his mom double-back to the game and pick him up. She wishes the referees or any adult would have condemned that kind of language when it first started during the game.

"It's heartbreaking. We all know racism is still alive, there's just some things you don't expect. You try to prepare your kids, but you really can't. You really can't prepare them for racism," parent Ernestine Foster said.

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Tomball I.S.D. issued the following statement about the allegations:

"We are aware that the referees called the game off early due to spirited attitudes from both teams. We did have an officer present, but are unaware of any name-calling or other intimidation after the game ended."

Klein I.S.D. said this:

"Klein I.S.D. police and administration are currently investigating an incident that occurred last night at a freshman football game played between Tomball Memorial and Klein Forest. After the game ended, it appears that individuals made racially charged slurs toward Klein Forest players. This type of behavior is not and will not be tolerated by Klein I.S.D."

Another football mom from Klein Forest said she also heard the slurs and said she didn't feel welcomed at the game. She believes the team and families deserve an apology.

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