Kendleton mayor arrested for abuse of capacity; Sugar Land employee accused of embezzlement

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Saturday, August 5, 2023
2 high-profile arrests announced in Fort Bend County in the same week
Kendleton Mayor Darryl Humphrey and Sugar Land employee Andrea Bolger are both facing charges in Fort Bend County and were arrested.

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Two high-profile arrests were announced by the Fort Bend County District Attorney's office this week.

A Sugar Land woman was arrested, accused of stealing money from the police department, and the mayor of Kendleton for overcharging an RV park for water.

The Lazy K RV Park is the business at the center of two indictments and now the arrest of Kendleton Mayor Darryl Humphrey.

Todd Doucet, the owner of the Lazy K RV park, said the arrest of Humphrey on Tuesday is no surprise to him despite learning about it from ABC13 on Friday.

"I want to see justice served. Bottom line, I think he really should step down as mayor," Doucet said.

The arrest that was kept quiet speaks volumes to him.

"It screams guilty, to say the least," Doucet said.

The first indictment of the mayor was for failing to fulfill open records requests for the RV Park. Now, Humphrey is also charged and has been arrested with abuse of official capacity for allegedly subjecting Doucet to unlawful water and sewer charges. Humphrey is not in jail as of Friday.

Doucet says his water bill went from $100 to $700 when this all began.

"They refused to lower my bill until recently. They were given a cease and desist from the DA's office, which lowered my bill back to the $100 or less bracket," Doucet said.

ABC13 called Kendleton city council members to comment on the arrest, only for them to tell us they also had no idea the mayor had been arrested on Tuesday until we called them about it Friday.

"There's a lot of questions. Something I think we all need to sit down and talk about is I wish they would trust in their council enough to tell their council when something like this happens so we don't have to find out from the public," Councilwoman Sherrie Schulze said.

In the same release, the DA's office said it also arrested Andrea Bolger last Thursday. Bolger is charged with stealing $30,000 from the Sugar Land Police Officer's Association and $60,000 from the police department's evidence locker while she was an employee between 2016 and 2022.

In a statement, the City of Sugar Land said it is aware of the arrest and that Bolger resigned.

Eyewitness News also reached out to the Kendleton mayor for comment on his arrest. He pointed us toward his attorney, who said, "We will address the Fort Bend District Attorney's abuse of the grand jury system as means to bring new and false charges against Mayor Humphrey."

After telling Kendleton council members about the arrest, ABC13 went with two council members to city hall only to find the city secretary and city clerk had locked us out.

When the door was finally opened, the city secretary, Christina Flores, who recently came under fire for unapproved raises for herself and the mayor, would not speak to us.

So, we asked the city clerk where the mayor was, but we were told he was unavailable.

Councilwoman Carolyn Jenkins said this was enough off-camera. She added that she told Flores, the city secretary, she was fired.

The Fort Bend DA's office, which brought charges to the mayor, says it's committed to holding any person accountable.

"No one is above the law, and we are particularly committed to making sure that we hold each other as public servants to the same standard we hold members of the public," Chief of public integrity for the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office, Charann Thompson, said.

The Kendleton city council told ABC13 that their council meeting was canceled on the same day of the mayor's arrest, Aug. 2. They are supposed to have a council meeting on Aug. 8.

They are working on scheduling an emergency meeting and getting the topic of the mayor's arrest on the agenda.

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