Only on 13: Family argument took place 2 days before 65-year-old killed, son says

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Friday, February 17, 2023
Family argument took place days before 65-year-old killed, son says
Only ABC13 speaks with a 65-year-old carjacking victim's grandson, who he says was raised by her grandmother since he was a toddler.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Judy Walters would often work two jobs. Sometimes, she would sell her plasma. It was all so she could have enough money to raise her two grandchildren. On Valentine's Day, the hardworking and loving grandmother was shot and run over by two suspects who stole her car.

Three days after her death, her 16-year-old grandson Hunter is speaking out, only to ABC13.

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"My grandma was an amazing person," the teen said while holding back tears. "She deserved the world. She took care of me, my sister, my girlfriend. Throughout that time, she took multiple jobs to make sure we were OK. She's just an amazing person."

On Tuesday, Valentine's Day, Walters was shot and then run over with her own car as she headed to work at an accounting company. Investigators said they believe she was targeted by people she likely knew.

Some of the suspects were captured on doorbell cameras. Judging by the time captured, police believe the suspects waited more than eight hours for Walters to leave her apartment.

"I hope they try really hard to find who did this. I just honestly, I'm scared because nothing's happened yet, but everyone's trying," Hunter said.

Walters took care of Hunter, his older sister, Hunter's girlfriend, and occasionally other teenage friends.

Last Sunday, Feb. 12, an argument started within the family. Walters' eldest son, who did not want to be identified, believes that led to his mother's murder.

"I called police to break up the situation because I couldn't make it in time, and it wasn't 24 hours later she was ambushed and killed," the adult son, who lives outside of Houston, said. "They didn't steal anything from her. It was pure evil."

Investigators were able to locate Walters' car on Wednesday. They are narrowing in on some suspects, but no arrests have been made.

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Walters' eldest son and his wife, who have three kids of their own, have now taken temporary custody of Hunter.

Hunter and his sister are the children of Walters' younger son. Neither that son nor their mother has been involved in the children's lives for over a decade.

"She was always there when I needed her. She was my shoulder to cry on," Hunter said.

Hunter said that Judy was going to adopt him. "Because I don't have a mom or dad, I asked her to adopt me, and she said she would."

Before the tragic events, Hunter was about to interview for a job. He and his grandmother planned to save money to get him a car.

Now, the family is grieving and waiting for an arrest. They have set up a GoFundMe to help cover funeral costs.

If anyone has information, investigators are urging you to contact the Houston Police Department.

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