Houston ranks first in Texas cities for worst traffic congestion, according to new study

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Monday, February 21, 2022
Houston ranks high among top 15 cities with the worst traffic
Only two cities ranked higher than the Bayou City when it comes to most time wasted sitting in traffic, and you might be surprised by which two they are.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Honk if you hate Houston traffic! According to a new study, you're more than justified in laying on the horn to express frustration over Houston's clogged roads.

The study, released by geolocation technology company TomTom, shows the typical Houston driver wasted 46 hours last year due to traffic congestion. Houston's traffic congestion rate was 20%. This means average travel times in jammed-up traffic were 20% longer than they were in uncongested traffic.

While those figures alone highlight the drive-me-up-a-wall status of Houston commutes, what's worse is that the city ranks first in Texas, 16th in the U.S., and 214th in the world for snarled traffic in 2021. The study says Houston's traffic congestion went up 4% compared with 2020 but went down 4% compared with pre-pandemic 2019.

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