Sneaker shop theft leaves small business owners with thousands of dollars in losses

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Friday, February 24, 2023
Galleria-area sneaker shop robbed twice few days before grand opening
Houston shoe store owners were in the planning phase of their grand opening, but are now dealing with a hefty loss after thieves used a crowbar to break into their store.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A small business owner's worst nightmare happened to a new sneaker storefront in the Galleria area.

ShewzHouston owners were planning their grand opening when their store was emptied out this week.

The owners spoke with ABC13 and said this is their dream business. They're small business owners who have lost nearly $40,000 after several thieves forced their way into their shop.

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"This is how he feeds his family. This is how he keeps a roof over his head," Lacresia White, the mother of one of the owners, said.

White said she is frustrated after a store her son and godson worked so hard for was broken into in the early hours of Tuesday.

Multiple suspects were caught on camera stealing more than 150 pairs of sneakers.

"In awe. It was bad, it was horrible," Lamarkus Simpson, CEO of ShewzHouston, said.

He says he felt helpless and violated when he stepped inside and realized all they had lost. He feels the suspects likely did their homework on his establishment.

"Someone who has probably come to the store and scoped the place out definitely got a good look around," Simpson said.

Simpson and his business partner, Khameron Micheals, have been in the industry since 2013. They are both from Houston with big dreams and started selling their shoes on social media and out of the trunk of their car.

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"A huge step back, but we still see the bigger picture," Micheals said.

They say their sneaker shop has been one of many targets. They have other industry friends who have also fallen victim to these kinds of thefts.

"They'll rob, kill and steal from you for your product. So I want these criminals to know I want justice to be served," White said.

The two partners plan to reopen ShewzHouston on Friday following the theft.

They're hosting an event Sunday in hopes of bringing business to the shop and get back on their feet.

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