Family of teen killed over 'social media beef' asks suspect to turn himself in

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Sisters says Elsik HS teen was killed over alleged family feud
Mareja Pratt had her whole life ahead of her, but it was tragically cut short by what her sisters say was 'social media beef.' Watch the video above to hear more about what happened that night and the plea made to the suspect.

The family of a 16-year-old shot and killed down the street from her home is asking the shooter to turn himself in.

Mareja Pratt was a sophomore at Elsik High School and the youngest of six children.

"Family was first. She loved her family and that's gone. They took it away from me. They took that away from me. They took that away from me," said Mareja's mother Marsha Nutall.

Mareja was shot on Monday in what her sisters call a family feud that escalated.

"It was really family beef. We was having words with each other over social media. It's been going on," said Prie Pratt.

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It happened outside Wilcrest Baptist Church at Sharpview Drive and Wilcrest Road, when Mareja, Prie, another sister Dekambrie and their male friend walked down their street to meet up with this family member.

"She was only 16! She was just a baby. She was just a baby," said Dekambrie Pratt.

The sisters said their family member initiated a meeting to confront the feud. They told ABC13 they did expect to fight but did not expect the gunfire. The sisters said a man who drove their family member to the church began shooting at the group.

"I seen him, he stood out the side of the car and he just started shooting. He was short and dark," said Prie.

One of the bullets fired hit Dekambrie, who showed ABC13 her wounds as she recovers from home.

"They shot me, but I don't care. My sister is gone!" said Dekambrie.

Houston police said the shooter drove away in a red Chrysler, after firing 15 bullets. They are still searching for him and are looking for information on the fatal shooting.

The family created a GoFundMe account to help cover the unexpected cost of the funeral service.

Mareja's shooting death was one of six reported shootings in the city of Houston in the past two days.

The map above shows the location where the six shootings took place. In those six, three people were killed, including Mareja.

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo says the community needs to come forward.

"Step up on, not just a crime that's been committed, but any threat to our fellow Houstonians throughout our region," Acevedo said during a news briefing.

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