Houston Chronicle joins ABC13 to talk Texans' tie, Aggie embarrassment, and an Astros phenom

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Monday, September 12, 2022
ABC13, Houston Chronicle break down the biggest stories in Houston sports
A tie for the Texans, an embarrassing loss for the Aggies, and a new phenom for the Astros. Houston Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith joins ABC13's Jonathan Bruce.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Every Monday, Houston Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith joins ABC13 anchor Jonathan Bruce to talk about the biggest stories and hottest questions in Houston sports.

This week:

The Houston Texans came out of opening weekend with a strange 20-20 tie vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Should fans see a half-full or half-empty glass? What happened to the Texans in the fourth quarter? Is there tension between the Texans' push to get young and exciting and veteran coach Lovie Smith? You can read Brian's column here.

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There was not much ambiguity with No. 6 Texas A&M's ugly 17-14 loss at home to Appalachian State. What does it say about the Aggies' program and $100,000,000 head coach Jimbo Fisher?

Plus, the Astros' top prospect Hunter Brown takes the mound Tuesday in Detroit after a spectacular shutout-win debut. Should we believe the hype or pump the brakes on Brown?

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In high school football, No. 1 North Shore rolled to a 55-25 win against Westfield in a high-profile showdown, behind a dominant offensive line that paved the way for six rushing touchdowns. Plus, the Rice Owls carried the banner for the Houston area with the lone college football win of the weekend and some special uniforms to go with it. ABC13 sports producer Joe Gleason joins Jonathan with the break down in the video below.

ABC13 sports producer Joe Gleason joins Jonathan Bruce for a recap of No.1 North Shore's dominant win vs. Westfield and how Rice carried the college football banner for the Houston area.

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