New warrant details how Houston rapper allegedly held pregnant woman hostage for years

In a text highlighted in the warrant, the pregnant woman texted Carter, "I'm dying." And he responded with, "Quit the dramatics."

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024
New warrant details how rapper allegedly held woman hostage for years
According to the new warrant, police discovered a second woman died on the suspect's property around the same time he was holding the pregnant woman hostage.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston rapper who's accused of holding a woman captive for years is back in jail for allegedly violating his bond conditions.

The allegations of kidnapping and sexual assault against 52-year-old Lee Carter, who goes by the stage name "Viper," first surfaced last month.

Carter is accused of picking up a 32-year-old pregnant woman while she was panhandling in south Houston and then bringing her to his house.

The woman told police Carter locked her up, raped her, and forced her to take drugs, including crack cocaine, for four to five years.

ORIGINAL REPORT: HPD arrests local rapper accused of holding pregnant woman hostage for several years in SE Houston

Lee Carter, 52, could be facing several charges after being accused of holding a pregnant woman hostage at a home in NE Houston for years.

Court documents don't show if she ever gave birth and, if she did, what happened to the baby. The woman, officials said, weighed only about 70 pounds.

According to new court documents, the victim asked to go to the hospital while being held in captivity, but Carter refused.

In addition, she also allegedly asked to use the bathroom and asked for food and drugs repeatedly.

The information comes from text messages documented in a new warrant tied to the case.

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The court says they are working to figure out if they want his bond raised higher or not. Lee Carter could be taken into custody Monday, or a bond hearing could be set for later this week.

The warrant says while police were investigating the kidnapping case, they discovered that a second woman had died on Carter's property around the same time he was holding the first woman hostage. The woman allegedly died in July.

The paperwork doesn't go into details about how the second woman died or address whether or not Carter was involved.

In one of several text messages highlighted in the warrant, the pregnant woman texted Carter, "I'm dying." And he responded with, "Quit the dramatics."

The woman was locked in a garage bedroom with the windows boarded up and a tube sticking out of the room for ventilation, police said.

Carter bonded out of jail last month. A judge said he wasn't supposed to have contact with the pregnant woman. But according to the warrant, he did. So he was rearrested.

He is due back in court in two weeks.

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