Exploring Houston's Koreatown: Amazing food, families and fun

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Friday, March 19, 2021
Exploring Houston's Koreatown: Amazing food, families and fun
You need just two things to enjoy Houston's Koreatown. An empty stomach and a lot of time to check out all the amazing restaurants!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Have you ever been to Houston's Korea Town?

It's in west Houston, concentrated near Long Point and Gessner, and you'll find all kinds of Korean shops, restaurants, and churches there.

For a taste of the area and its culture, our team stopped by three restaurants:

Bon Ga - 9861 Long Point Rd

Bori - 1453 Witte Rd

Seoulside Wings - Food truck at the corner of Long Point Rd. and Gessner Rd.

Chef Donald Chang took us on a tour.

But, before we even started, he warned us: Korean food is all about taking your time.

You might want to block off a couple of hours before heading to a restaurant!

"You will literally spend hours sitting together doing what you do: grilling, eating, catching up," Chang laughed.

He grew up in the area and still lives there with his family.

"For some reason, every other city has exploded with Koreans migrating to it except for Houston, and I don't know why," he explained. "Because of the smaller population, everyone kind of knew one other."