From budgeting to carpooling, here's how Houstonians deal with rising costs

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022
How are families faring in this rough economy? Houstonians weigh in
How are families faring in this rough economy? Houstonians weigh in

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Inflation has hit its biggest jump in 40 years, and families in Houston are seeing rapidly rising prices, especially for necessities like food, shelter, and gasoline.

So, how are you saving money?

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Money doesn't go as far as it did even last month - that was the Baker Institute fellow's main point about the concept of inflation.

"Every day, I write out my budget and I plan it out for the entire week," Dawn Brown, a Houstonian, said. "Groceries, what the dogs need, what I can do for self-care. That's how I actually save my money."

"I haven't been driving as much," Natalia Cruz said. "My boyfriend and I share duties as far as driving goes."

"We watch what we buy and how far we drive and that type of thing," Rick Petrisko said.

"I'm certainly more aware of prices as I ever have been," Laury Adams explained. "Those people eating healthy find it especially challenging with the organic foods, so I'm probably buying generics more than brand names."

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Economists predict the worst won't kick in until this summer for some core products, and high prices could stick around for as long as two years.

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